BIGSPOON 2 In 1 Korean BBQ Grill Cast Iron Combo Sets Barbeque Grill Bowl And Plate Barbecue Grill Pan Household Living Tableware Appliance
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BIGSPOON 2 In 1 Korean BBQ Grill Cast Iron Combo Sets Steamboat Barbeque Grill Bowl and Plate Barbecue Grill Pan Household Living Tableware Appliance
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  • COOKING TEMPERATURE - Cast iron BBQ pans are noticeably hefty and their weight is part of their magic, allowing them to hold heat longer than most other pans.
  • ENJOY THE OUTDOOR EXPERIENCE INSIDE - The durable and wear-resistant barbeque plate for stove tops is one of the most convenient ways to cook outdoor food inside that tastes amazing.
  • CONVENIENT EASY TO USE - The Korean BBQ grill pan style is very efficient so you can cook all types of meat, vegetables, and thawed food with needing a little bit of oil or butter.
  • HEALTHY & TOXIC FREE - The barbeque griddle plate for stove top is made of 100% cast iron material that provides quick and even heating. The surface makes cooking and cleaning safe and easy. A healthy and delicious alternative to normal grilling methods.
  • DIVIDED COOKING AREA - Unlike most other grill pans, this grill plate design has small dividers that divided the plate into 6 small sections. These dividers help to block the juices or sauces of the food from mixing. 1 section for grilling 1 type of ingredient.


This cast iron BBQ Grill Bowl And Plate is typically used for Korean barbecue. The grill can be used over hot coals, over a gas burner or custom fitted into your own BBQ table. Strips of meat or poultry are cooked on the grill and added to salads. The traditional round shaped provides a large surface for cooking long strips of meat!

1. Wash with warm and soapy water (normal detergents).
2. Dry it thoroughly with a clean towel.
3. Dry it on the stove over low heat for about 1 minute to get the best result.
4. Using a cloth or paper towel, apply a light coat of cooking oil or melted shortening to all the surfaces of cast iron. Wipe the surfaces until no oil residue remains.
5. (Optional) Heat the seasoned cast iron cookware in a preheated oven with an upside-down position for about 30 minutes. If you want to go through this step, please make sure that your kitchen is well ventilated as it may get a little smoky.


  • Clean it immediately after use, while it is still hot or warm. Don’t soak the pan or leave it in the sink because it may rust.
  • Avoid harsh detergents and scrubbers (rough scouring pads, steel scourer, etc.) so you don’t disrupt the coating.
  • Never marinate in cast iron.
  • Acidic mixtures will damage the seasoning.
  • Season it every single time after use.
  • Foods like tomatoes, citrus, or beans can be tough on a cast iron skillet if it’s not thoroughly seasoned.
  • Store the skillet in a dry place after seasoning.
  • Always make sure it is in dry and seasoned condition!


  • Use Steel wool, dish soap, scrubbing brush, scouring pad, or sponge to remove the rust and reseason.


  • Every measurement is subject to errors because our instruments and our sense are imperfect.
  • The colour looks different on all device screens. Lightning and photography equipment also plays a big part.
  • Feel free to contact our Customer Service team via chat for further assistance.
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