BIGSPOON SARACOOK Maifan Stone Wok 34cm Deep Frying Pan Helper Handle Non-stick Aluminium Smokeless Japan Wok Cookware Marble Coating [YWDT-3412]
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BIGSPOON SARACOOK Maifan Stone Wok 34cm Deep Frying Pan Helper Handle Non-stick Aluminium Smokeless Japan Wok Cookware Marble Coating [YWDT-3412]
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  • ENHANCED HEALTH BENEFITS – BIGSPOON Maifan Stone Wok is made of maifan stone, also known as maifanitum or medical stone, which is a special mineral rock that contains micronutrient elements or minerals that harmless and essential to the human body. This material provides a non-stick surface pan which fulfills the ideal of cook with very less or no oil.
  • STRONG & DURABLE – BIGSPOON Maifan Stone Pan features extra-thick walls (about 2mm thickness) which total of 4 layers (Inner Layer: easy to clean, Interlayer 1: anti-scratch,  Interlayer 2: fast heat, Interlayer 3: reinforcement, Outer Layer: base). Extra thickness stainless steel at the base of the pan.
  • PERFECT DESIGN – BIGSPOON Deep Frying Pan is deeper compare to an ordinary pot for a larger capacity. Bakelite handles that easy to grip and safe as it is heat insulation and anti-scalding. It is perfect for stir-frying and normal frying. It also comes with a helper handle that assists you to easily carry the big pan.
  • SMART IN MATERIALS SELECTION – BIGSPOON Non-Stick Pan not only used of maifan stone but the body of the pot is made of aluminum-manganese alloy which is lightweight but long-lasting and uniform heat conduction.
  • WIDE USE BASE - BIGSPOON Stir Fry Pan features tall sides and a wide base that make it useful for a wide range of cooking techniques. Suitable for gas stove, induction cooker, electric cooker, radiant/ceramic cooker, halogen cooker, and electric coil cooker. Do not use it in the oven and microwave.
  • WIDE OPTIONS – BIGSPOON Stir Fry Wok available in various sizes and different cooking techniques. It is also available in sauce pan, soup pot, grill pan, and tamagoyaki pan so that you can have the same design cookware in your kitchen.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Feel free to contact BigSpoon Kitchenware Customer Service Team via chat for further assistance. We value each chance that customers communicate with us.

Are you annoyed by making burnt your food when you were happy to prepare a delicious meal for your family? Or do you look for a healthy diet that less oil? No more hesitation, you have to try BIGSPOON SARACOOK maifan stone non-stick cookware series as it is one of the best choices for you! They are multi-purposes and require very little or no oil for a healthy diet.

Why it is healthy? Because it is made of maifan stone which also known as maifanitum, medical stone or “bakuhanseki ”. This stone is a special mineral rock that contains micronutrient elements or minerals that harmless and essential to the human body. Its many benefits include pH balance, anti-inflammatory, relieve pain, and detoxification. According to an article released by The Star, maifan stone is also used in Chinese medicine to treat skin diseases and will help food retain its original flavor, maintain trace elements and the liquid is more alkaline which is healthy.

They all consist of a total of 5 layers which are an inner layer, 3 layers of interlayer and finally, outer layer. The inner layer which is a non-stick layer makes the cleaning easy while the interlayers are for anti-scratch, fast heat, and reinforcement. The outer layer is also known as the base layer. Although it is made of 5 layers, it can spreads the heat evenly and fast cooking and at the same time save energy. It also requests less oil when cooking and smokeless.

The body of the pot is made of aluminium-manganese alloy and used of stone technology. This makes the cookware lightweight, non-stick and the surface is easy to clean. At the same time, it is durable, long-lasting and provides uniform heat conduction. The bakelite handle is connecting to the pan by screws which is safe to hold and heat insulation which enables users to hold and it is also anti-scalding.

Material: Aluminium-manganese alloy, marble coating and stone technology

Before use:

- Fill the pan with water (around 80% of the pan), boil the water and pour it after the water boiled. Wipe the pan with a little oil by using kitchen tissue or a kitchen towel when it cools down.
- Recommend to use wooden, nylon or silicone cooking utensils to avoid scratches. Do not choose metal spatula or any sharp edges to cook food, the inner coating would peel off.
- Do not heat the empty pot for a long time as it might shorten the service life of the product.
- Recommend to use soft cleaning sponge or soft dish brush to clean the pan instead of steel wool or any abrasive cleaning tools.
- Do not leave the acidic food in the pan for a long time as it might damage the non-stick surface.

After use:
- Clean and dry the pan every time after use.

- Every measurement is subject to errors. Please allow 0.1cm - 1.0cm & 0.01kg - 0.30kg tolerance due to manual measurement and our senses are imperfect.
- The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item as colour look different on all device screens. Lighting and photography equipment also plays a big part.

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