BIGSPOON SHULE High Quality Manual Noodle Machine Pasta Maker Stainless Steel Home Restaurant Kitchen Tool Accessories Anti-Slip Mesin Pan Mee for Homemade Making Dough Dumpling Wonton Wrappers Spaghetti Fettuccine Large/Small
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BIGSPOON SHULE High Quality Manual Noodle Machine Pasta Maker Stainless Steel Home Restaurant Kitchen Tool Accessories Anti-Slip Mesin Pan Mee for Homemade Making Dough Dumpling Wonton Wrappers Spaghetti Fettuccine Large/Small
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  • PROFESSIONAL 430 STAINLESS STEEL - BIGSPOON Noodle Maker is food-grade, high-quality, heavy-duty, durable, long-lasting, strong, sturdy, rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, Germany TUV and LFGB certified. The Blade is made of Nickel Plated.
  • HEALTHY & HYGIENE - You and your family can enjoy healthy, hygiene and fresh homemade pasta with this food-safe material pasta machine.
  • 3 TYPES OF BLADES - BIGSPOON Noodle Machine features 3 types of blades which are a roller with adjustable thickness, about 5mm thick cutter and about 2mm thin cutter, smooth and effortless.
  • ADJUSTABLE THICKNESS (7 LEVEL) -  The adjustment knob (Thinnest 1 - Thickest 7, 0.5mm - 2.5mm) makes it easy to determine your preferred thickness. Recommended level 1-2 for making dumpling and wonton wrappers, level 3-4 for pasta and noodles, level 5-7 for rolling different thickness of the dough.
  • ANTI-SLIP MAT - The bottom of BIGSPOON Pasta Maker features 4 pieces of anti-slip pad, plus a fixing clamp which makes very stable when making the noodles.
  • REMOVABLE HANDLE - The handle is made of ABS, ergonomic and comfortable. It is also removable for quick mode-switching between roller, thin cutter and thick cutter and for easy storage.
  • REMOVABLE CLAMP - It is portable and can move to any of your preferred tabletops whenever you want to make noodles.
  • MORE THAN A NOODLE MAKER - Other than making pasta and noodle, this pan mee maker also can make other fresh things like dumpling wrapper, wonton wrappers, spaghetti, and fettuccine.
  • TIPS TO PREVENT STICKING - Knead the dough until soft, and sprinkle both sides with flour so that the pasta or noodle you made would not messily stick together.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - To clean this kitchen tool, you just need to simply wipe it with a soft and dry cloth, also clean the roller and cutters with a dry soft brush. DO NOT wash it with water and dishwasher!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Feel free to contact BigSpoon Kitchenware Customer Service Team via chat for further assistance. We value each chance that customers communicate with us.

Fix the machine onto the table with the supplied clamp and insert the handle into the roller hole (Fig.1). Before the machine is used for the first time, it must be cleaned with a dry cloth to remove any dirt. To clean the rollers, pass a piece of dough through several times. Then discard the dough.

- The basic recipe per person is: approx. 125g of wheat flour and 1 egg. ADVICE: Do not use eggs directly from the fridge!
- For 4 persons, this means approx. 500g of wheat flour and 4 eggs. Water also can be used to replace eggs. 1 egg = approx. 80 ml of water.
- Do not add any salt! Pour the flour into a bowl and add the eggs into the middle of the flour (Fig.2).
- Mix the eggs with a fork until they are completely blended with the flour. Knead the mixture with your hands (Fig.3) until it is completely homogeneous and consistent. If the mixture is too dry, add some water; if it is too moist or too soft, add some flour.
- A good mixture should never stick to your fingers. Remove the mixture from the bowl and place it onto a lightly floured table (Fig.4).
- If necessary, cut it into small pieces with a knife (Fig.5).

- Your machine has a regulator. Set the machine regulator to position 7, pulling it outwards and turning it so that the two smooth rollers are completely open (Fig.6).
- Pass a piece of mixture through the machine roller and turn the handle (Fig.7). Repeat this operation 5 - 6 times, superposing the dough and add some flour to the middle if necessary (Fig.8).
- When the dough has taken a regular shape, pass it through the rollers only once with the regulators set on number 6 (Fig.9), then once again on number 5 continuing until you obtain the desired thickness (minimum thickness at No. 1 approx. 0.2mm).
- With a knife, cut the dough crossways in pieces approx. 25 cm (10 inches) long. Insert the handle in the hole for the cutting rollers, turn it slowly and pass the dough through so as to obtain the type of pasta you prefer (Fig.10 and 11).
NOTE 1: If the rollers won't cut, this means the dough is too soft, in this case you should pass the dough through the smooth rollers after adding some flour to the mixture.
NOTE 2: However when the dough is too dry and cannot pass through the rollers, add a little water to the mixture and pass it through the smooth rollers once again.

1. During use, clean the scrapers underneath the smooth rollers every so often with a piece of kitchen paper (Fig.12).
2. NEVER wash the machine with water or in the dishwasher! (Fig. 13).
3. Clean the surface of the machine with a soft and dry cloth; clean the rollers with a brush or a wooden rod (Fig.14).
4. If necessary or if the rollers squeak, you can lubricate the rollers with vaseline oil or vegetable oil (Fig.15).
5. DO NOT insert knives or cloths in between the rollers!
6. It is advisable to store the machine and accessories in the box after using.

- Every measurement is subject to errors. Please allow 0.1cm - 3.0cm & 0.01kg - 0.30kg tolerance due to manual measurement and our senses are imperfect.
- The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item as colour look different on all device screens. Lighting and photography equipment also plays a big part.

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