BIGSPOON Dual-Way FIFO Refillable Squeeze Bottle 双头胶汁樽 16oz / 20oz
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RM7.32 RM10.90
BIGSPOON Dual-Way FIFO Refillable Squeeze Bottle 双头胶汁樽 16oz / 20oz
Price RM7.32 RM10.90
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UNIQUE DESIGNED - bottle allows for multiple liquids to be filled from the top, and squeezed out from the bottle following the First In, First Out method of using the oldest product first before switching to the new. 

FOOD-GRADE PLASTIC: This squeeze bottle is made with a high-density type of plastic that's safe and can contain food. Recyclable.

SNAP-BACK ELASTICITY: The soft, flexible plastic will snap back to its original form making it easier to dispense of condiments.

TRANSLUCENT CONTAINER: This plastic squeeze bottle is translucent in color so you and your guests can easily identify the condiments. It's also a helpful indicator of when it's time to refill.

PRECISION DISPENSING TIP: Avoid dispensing too much food on a dish. The precision dispensing tip lets you dispense the right amount of sauce. It's also great for plating.


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