BIGSPOON Traditional Korean Stone Bowl 18cm Serving Bowl with Wooden Tray Serveware
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BIGSPOON Traditional Korean Stone Bowl 18cm Serving Bowl with Wooden Tray Serveware
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  • Ideal for cooking nutritious meal
  • Ideal for personal use
  • It's a heavenly combination of chicken, flavourful vegetables cooked just right, fried egg on top and the spiciness of korean chilli paste with a hint of aromatic sesame oil


Our traditional Korean stone bowl is the first cookware made of 100% natural materials that do not contain any chemical non-stick coating. We only physically polish it, it is the safest and health cooker.

Far infrared rays will be released when a stone is heating up. These far-infrared rays can transfer heat to the inner of the food so that the food can maintain the original taste. Besides that, the stone heating will release the heat gently, and effectively control the temperature for a long time within 220C-260C. This temperature is recognized as the best cooking temperature as there is no carcinogen released due to the high temperature.

The stone contains a variety of beneficial minerals to the human body. The mineral component can be released when the stone heated and absorbed by the human body. Stone made tableware will become very smooth after repeated use and has natural non-stick properties.

The first use of the stone pot (open flame heating) anti-cracking pretreatment steps:
Step 1: Soak the stone pot(INNER ONLY) with brine (high-concentration solution of salt in water) and washed rice water for 72 hours, the higher the saltwater concentration, the better (purpose: softening stone.)

Step 2: Bowl to face down and put on the gas stove to bake the pot till dry with a small fire. The best temperature is around 60C, and it is best to dry with oven (purpose: dry the water inside the pot)

Step 3: Pour a mixture made of an appropriate amount of salt and cooking oil, wipe it twice before the pot body cools down and you can use it when it fully cools down (purpose: to form a protective layer to prevent external water from entering the stone pot body).

Our suggestion: It is best to upside down the pot and heat the cold stone pot with a small fire for 1 minute every time before turned it back to normal use. (purpose: to let the stone pot heat up evenly)

In particular, because the stone material is a natural stone, the formation and nature of each original stone block are different. Self-colored lines, or green lines, are naturally formed. They have been inspected when they leave the factory. They are qualified products. It does not affect the use.

Stone Pots Tips:
1. Use the oven to heat the stone pot can make sure the pot won't crack?
After our research and experiment, heat the stone pot with the oven can help to prevent it from cracking (reduce the cracking risk). This is because the pot can be heated up evenly and hence, the oven is the first choice for heating the stone pot. It is the most effective way to prevent the stone pot from cracking.

2. What should I do with the pretreated stone if it cracked?
The selected stone to make this pot is certified as a stone that is more resistant to high temperature and cracking. The probability of cracking of the properly pretreated stone pot is greatly reduced, but it cannot guarantee 100% cracking. If the stone pot is not undergoing the pretreated process, the probability of cracking will be higher, so cracking can not be used as a reason for return, please be careful to buy.

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1 x Stone Bowl 18cm, 1 x Wooden Tray