[TAIWAN] PLUS PERFECT Ceramic Lined Stainless Steel Thermal Water Bottle/Double Wall Insulated Hot And Cold Travel Bottle 600/800/1100ml Botol Air Tahan Sejuk Dan Panas/不锈钢陶瓷内胆保温瓶
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[TAIWAN] PLUS PERFECT Ceramic Lined Stainless Steel Thermal Water Bottle/Double Wall Insulated Hot And Cold Travel Bottle 600/800/1100ml Botol Air Tahan Sejuk Dan Panas/不锈钢陶瓷内胆保温瓶
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  • CERAMIC LINED INNER FOR SAFE & HEALTHY - This thermos bottle features a ceramic inner which would not have any chemical reaction with your coffee, fruit juice, tea or any other beverages.
  • VACUUM INSULATION - The insulated bottle contains Multiple-Layer of walls rather than a double wall, so it does an excellent job in temperature insulation.
  • KEEP HOT & COLD - Our water bottle is suitable for both hot and cold drinks, so you do not have to switch to other bottles for different drinks.
  • MAINTAIN FLAVOUR - Ceramic material is known to be odourless, therefore the thermal bottle can maintain the taste of your drinks, also does not leave any aftertaste when not using.
  • STRONG RUST RESISTANT - The outer layer is made of 304 stainless steel thus has a strong resistance to rust.
  • PORTABLE - The lid features a carrying handle, suitable for travelling, camping, hiking and etc.
  • ANTI-LEAKAGE - There is a food-grade silicone ring inside the lid to prevent water leakage and also enhancing the insulation.
  • VERY EASY TO CLEAN - The ceramic surface is non-stick and any coffee or tea's residue can be removed easily.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Feel free to contact BigSpoon Kitchenware Customer Service Team via chat for further assistance. We value each chance that customers communicate with us.

PERFECT Brand is owned by Shangzan Industrial Co., Ltd in TAIWAN which is an ISO 9001 (World's most recognised Quality Management System standard) certified company. Most of their products are also SGS certified, the global benchmark for quality and integrity.

1. Before first use, please clean it with food-grade cleaner by using a soft sponge or a cleaning cloth.
2. Every time after use, clean it with neutral dishwashing liquid by using a soft sponge.
3. Do not overfill the bottle, excess may result in an overflow. Advisably fill up before the neck of the bottle.
4. Tightly lock the lid after filling up the water to prevent leakage.
5. To strengthen the insulation performance, you may pre-heat/pre-cold by filling up with hot/cold water in the bottle for about 5 minutes, pour out and then fill up again with your hot/cold drinks.

1. Please use only a soft sponge for cleaning, otherwise damaging the ceramic layer.
2. DO NOT fill up with dry ice and carbonated drinks. This is to prevent from inner pressure rising, and it may cause the lid not able to open or the liquid spray out and other dangers.
3. DO NOT fill up with milk or other dairy beverages, concerned about decay due to the storage time length.
4. DO NOT use direct heat to sanitize, so as not to cause deformation and damages.
5. Due to the excellent insulation, please be careful to avoid lip-scalding when you directly drink hot water from the bottle. Keep it out of reach of children.
6. DO NOT vigorously shake the bottle when it is filled up with hot water, it will spray out and cause dangers.
7. Avoid heavy impacts from dropping the bottle, the dented surface will cause malfunction such as worsen the insulation performance.
8. DO NOT clean using the dishwasher.

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