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  • SCOTCH-BRITE Toilet Bowl Scrubber is made with a scouring web with no bristles to flatten
  • This bathroom cleaner brush has a long, curved, tough handle but yet flexible to reach hard to get places
  • The handle also provides good cleaning leverage
  • Our heavy-duty toilet cleaning tool is fast and easy cleanup of toilet bowls
  • You may use the scrubbing pad on all toilets except those made of plastic materials
  • Cleans and polishes in one easy step
  • Provides a long-lasting, streak-free shine
  • Removes and resists fingerprints and smudges
  • Ideal for refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, grills and other stainless steel appliances
  • Helps keep your stainless steel surfaces looking newer, longer
  • No-drip, foam formula for easy, mess-free application
  • SCOTCH-BRITE Bathroom Cloth lifts & traps dirt/dust so it does not scatter
  • This microfiber cloth is economical and reusable up to more than 100 washes
  • Our super absorbent cloth absorbs up to 8x its weight in water
  • The mirror cloth is effective even without detergent
  • Ideal for polishing chrome and other metallic surfaces in the bathroom
  • The wiping cloth can be used wet or dry, use it slightly damp or wet for tough and dried-on messes
  • This cleaning cloth is lint-free and scratch-free
  • Great for cleaning all types of bathroom surfaces, including taps, vanities, showers, bathtubs and mirror
  • SCOTCH-BRITE microfiber cloth lifts and traps dust without chemicals
  • This wiping cloth is lint-free, streak-free & scratch-free
  • The glass cleaning cloth can last through more than 100 washes
  • Our dusting also can remove fingerprints
  • Each pack consists of 2-pcs of cloth
  • 3M SCOTCH-BRITE Kitchen Cloth is protected with 3M proprietary Scotchgard™ chemicals. This enhances water absorption and repels stains, hence making washing and maintenance of the cloth a breeze.
  • This wiping cloth lifts & traps dirt/dust so it does not scatter
  • The dusting cloth can be used wet or dry. For tough, dried-on messes, use it slightly damp or wet
  • Dries quickly, rinses and wrings easily
  • Our microfiber cloth effectively traps oil and grease
  • The kain lap dapur is lint and scratch-free
  • Economical and reusable
  • Good for kitchen uses and dining tables
  • Cloth Size : 30 x 32cm
  • Material: 85% Polyester, 15% Nylon
  • 2-pcs Cloth per pack (random colour)
  • High Quality - Made of strong, durable, substantial carbon steel, suitable for bakeware and microwave oven.
  • Non-Stick - Spring latch and removable bottom make baking much easier. This mini cake pans set is suitable for DIY cake making with children. Perfect for afternoon tea for two adults
  • Unique Design - Round bakeware pan, heart cheesecake pan and square springform pan. Spring latch offering a tight leak-proof seal makes baking mess-free with an easy cleanup. Your cakes will always come out perfectly.
  • Wash Method - Choose soft tools and mild detergent to clean the cheesecake pan to protect non-stick coating. Avoid sharp and rough tools to scratch the pan.
  • Mini Cake Pans - This 3pcs different shape bakeware pan including 11.5cm mini heart cake mold, 12.4cm mini round cheesecake pan and 24.5 x 13.5cm rectangle springform cake baking pan, perfect for baking a family-sized cheesecake or birthday cake.
  • Support the item that you have hanging on your fridge with a fun, food-themed design
  • Perfect addition to any kitchen space
  • A way to brighten up the door of your refrigerator
  • Needle is perfect for eating seafood at home
  • Can also be used on nuts like walnuts as well as any other hard shell kinds of food
  • Its stylish red handles make them easily identifiable in any kitchen setting so that you can just grab and go when it's time to eat.
  • 3+1 layers high quality and durable acrylic cosmetic organizer with 4 drawers and detachable lipstick cum cosmetic holder top. Put the top section on top of the bottom drawers section, or place them side by side – as you like it.
  • Completely removable drawers slide out smoothly.
  • Clear and transparent design - easy to find your things.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Compact design with large storage capacity.
  • Perfect for organizing a wide range of cosmetics, toiletries, jewelry and hair accessories, etc.
  • Keeps your dressing table neat and tidy. Maximize space on your vanity.
  • Local seller. No need to wait a few weeks to receive your order. A quality product from BigSpoon Kitchenware store.
  • Top layer has 16 compartments. Bottom layer has 4 drawers.
  • No more messy dressing table!
  • Organize your dressing table or vanity and maximize usable space!
  • Keep your vanity neat and tidy!
  • Look great on your dressing table
  • Can be used for a variety of makeup containers
  • 40 individual compartments
  • Suitable for professional and home use
  • Made of clear acrylic

STRONG AND DURABLE MUFFIN PANS – These aluminum muffins cups are extremely sturdy and durable. They will not bend out of shape or spill any cupcake batter like paper cupcake liners. The 4-cup trays support any type of batter and will not leak or spill when putting them in the oven. The large cupcake cups make perfectly shaped bakery style muffins.

NON STICK, EASY RELEASE YOUR CUPCAKES AND MUFFINS - The aluminum cupcake trays are smooth and easy to use. Simply pop the bottom up and the muffins or cupcakes will slide out quickly and easily. You can spray the bottom of the baking tin with some oil for even cleaner release of your muffins.

ENJOY NO MESS MUFFIN MAKING – Washing up silicon muffin pans can be too much bother, especially if you are catering for a large crowd or party. Made with ecofriendly aluminum you can simply throw the cupcake tin in the recycling bin or trash can once finished. No more standing for hours washing out cupcake cups.

BAKE OR COOK ANY TYPE OF MUFFIN OR MINI PIE - If you've been watching too much Cupcake addiction or are just obsessed with making breakfast muffins these are ideal for baking and cooking any kind you can imagine. Foil Muffin Pans can be used to make mini pies or mini quiches for kids, or a large batch of bakery style muffins to put in the freezer.

VALUE BULK PACK OF 40 MUFFINS CUPS – Get the most bang for your buck with our pack of twenty disposable aluminum cake pack set that puts quality first! We value our customers and can assure you that these are made with the superior heat conductive aluminum for perfect cooking and baking. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will resolve your issue

  • Impress your guests and entertain them with this luxurious 46-piece dinnerware set for 10 pax
  • Superior craftmanship also makes this an artpiece on the display shelves
  • Comes in a well-padded gift box, a perfect give for any occasions
  • Impress your guests and entertain them with this luxurious 48-piece dinnerware set for 10 pax
  • Superior craftmanship also makes this an artpiece on the display shelves
  • Comes in a well-padded gift box, a perfect give for any occasions
  • Impress your guests and entertain them with this luxurious 48-piece dinnerware set for 10 pax
  • Superior craftmanship also makes this an artpiece on the display shelves
  • Comes in a well-padded gift box, a perfect give for any occasions
  • Ergonomic design
  • Non-toxic paint
  • Beautifully printed design