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  • Used for combining food ingredients when preparing recipes
  • Can be used to create mix cake batters, whip up pancake, biscuit and omelet mixtures
  • Can even be used as a salad bowl
  • The smallest sized bowls are commonly used for mixing small quantities or beating eggs
  • The largest bowls are perfect for mixing large quantities of batter or preparing a large salad, and prepare whipping cream
  • Capable of producing different size meatballs rapidly and consistently
  • Easy to use, and you no longer have to worry about soiling your hands
  • Creative bamboo-inspired design into a spoon and shovel, you can make meatballs of two different sizes
  • The shovel has a non-stick surface that prevents meat from sticking on
  • Also excellent for producing barbecue cakes, fish cakes, fish balls, etc
  • Impress your guests and entertain them with this luxurious 15-piece tea set for 6 pax
  • Superior craftmanship also makes this an artpiece on the display shelves
  • Comes in a well-padded gift box, a perfect give for any occasions
  • Fine Bone China
  • Useful in a kitchen and may be used all the way from the pot to the plate.
  • Easily removed from the boiling water without the hassle of straining.
  • May be used again when serving the pasta to each plate.
  • Tongs lock closed and convenient hole at the end of the handle for easy storage.