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  • Safe plastic egg holder - The inner box is made of food-grade PP material, which is safe and eco friendly. The outer box is made of PET material, which is sturdy and durable, not easy to break; it can be stacked and stored, neat and beautiful, saving space, so that the refrigerator is organized, neat and clean, convenient and practical.
  • Slide track design - With a slide design, the eggs can automatically roll to fill the place. After the eggs in the front are taken out, the eggs in the back will automatically roll forward. Always take eggs from the front to ensure that the oldest eggs are used first. The reasonable slope design of the slide can prevent shaking and effectively prevent the egg from colliding and breaking.
  • Large capacity tray - Specially designed for refrigerators, which keep eggs fresh for longer. The double-layer design can store 32 eggs.
  • Transparent & breathable - The transparent and visible egg carton makes it easy to observe the number of eggs in the box and replenish it in time, and it will never run out of eggs. The egg-catching mouth of the box is so large that it is highly breathable and prevents egg spoilage.
  • SCOTCH-BRITE Glass Cooktop Pads have a breakthrough micro-texture scrubbing surface design that specifically for glass cooktops
  • Scratch-free cleaning with innovative micro-texture scrubbing surface technology
  • The stove scrubber is chemical-free as it only needs to work with just water
  • This cleaner removes tough burnt-on messes easily
  • S-shape designed for easy grasping
  • SCOTCH-BRITE Glass Cooktop Wand has a breakthrough micro-texture scrubbing surface design that specifically for glass cooktops
  • Scratch-free cleaning with innovative micro-texture scrubbing surface technology
  • The stove scrubber is chemical-free as it only needs to work with just water
  • This cleaner removes tough burnt-on messes easily
  • SCOTCH-BRITE Bathroom Cloth lifts & traps dirt/dust so it does not scatter
  • This microfiber cloth is economical and reusable up to more than 100 washes
  • Our super absorbent cloth absorbs up to 8x its weight in water
  • The mirror cloth is effective even without detergent
  • Ideal for polishing chrome and other metallic surfaces in the bathroom
  • The wiping cloth can be used wet or dry, use it slightly damp or wet for tough and dried-on messes
  • This cleaning cloth is lint-free and scratch-free
  • Great for cleaning all types of bathroom surfaces, including taps, vanities, showers, bathtubs and mirror
  • SCOTCH-BRITE Toilet Bowl Scrubber is made with a scouring web with no bristles to flatten
  • This bathroom cleaner brush has a long, curved, tough handle but yet flexible to reach hard to get places
  • The handle also provides good cleaning leverage
  • Our heavy-duty toilet cleaning tool is fast and easy cleanup of toilet bowls
  • You may use the scrubbing pad on all toilets except those made of plastic materials
  • SCOTCH-BRITE Mop Jalur Penyerap has 2 times better water absorption
  • Our mop serap air is durable, lightweight and anti-rust
  • This super-absorbent mop can clean and dry quickly
  • This strip mop comes with a 110cm long stick so that you can clean without bending your waist
  • SCOTCH-BRITE Super Latex Mop is 4 times higher absorbent and dries wet surfaces instantly
  • It features a unique 3-layer heavy duty non-woven latex strip
  • This strip mop is durable and easy to clean
  • The super-absorbent mop has a superior cleaning performance, thus saving time and labour
  • Our mop serap air is lightweight, long-lasting and anti-rust
  • Mop head replacement is available to purchase here
  • SCOTCH-BRITE Multipurpose Window Cleaner has a strong water-absorbent sponge and a sharp rubber edge squeegee for streak-free wipe
  • The glass cleaning tool is strong and sturdy
  • This telescopic wipe makes cleaning easier and keeps your hands out of the mess
  • Our window squeegee washer features an extendable handle, up to 116cm, for high window cleaning
  • SCOTCH BRITE Spin Mop features a 360° swivel mop head that can be easily operated for hard to reach areas
  • It has a compact and lightweight single bucket that can rinse and dry the mop head
  • Removable spin shaft for easy bucket cleaning
  • The smart designed mop head can be folded for wall edges and corners
  • Larger mop head for 2X mop surface area, suitable for both dry & wet cleaning
  • The bucket has a brush rotating tool, easy to remove dust, dirt or hair from the mophead
  • Dry microfiber mop effectively removes dust, dirt and hair
  • Wet microfiber mop is super absorbent and removes stains effectively
  • Mop head replacement is available to purchase here
  • SCOTCH-BRITE Multipurpose Disinfecting Wipes kill 99.9% of Bacteria and Viruses including COVID-19
  • These sanitizing wipes contain the power of 4: Cleans, Disinfects, Deodorizes, Degreases
  • Each sheet features textured wipes effectively trap & remove dirt
  • Our wet wipes contain natural orange peel extract to clean & degrease
  • Plant-based cleaning agents clean effectively
  • The bottle has a moisture lock lid to prevent wipes from drying
  • The antibacterial wet tissue is ideal for cleaning surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and etc.
  • This sanitizer wipe tissue also has a refreshing orange scent
  • Wipe size: 20 x 17cm (Total 85 sheets)
  • Shibazi Zuo sharpening rod is to maintain the sharpness of knife edge. It is available to grind kitchen knife, professional chef knife, pocket knife, outdoor knife, etc. It is a handy tool to keep knife sharp in restaurants and homes.
  • This steel is made from high carbon steel for excellent industrial strength and toughness. Durable clear and long teeth are able to give precise grinding and fix the knife edge quickly, making it recover sharpness.
  • ABS handle is strong enough for tight hold. Small hole on the handle is convenient for storage. Steel extends into the handle giving the rod better stability.
  • The teeth on the steel are extremely sharp, please don’t test the sharpness with your fingers. Always keep it dry with a cloth after using it.
  • Shibazi Zuo is 100% quality guarantee for its products.
  • SCOTCH-BRITE microfiber cloth lifts and traps dust without chemicals
  • This wiping cloth is lint-free, streak-free & scratch-free
  • The glass cleaning cloth can last through more than 100 washes
  • Our dusting also can remove fingerprints
  • Each pack consists of 2-pcs of cloth
  • SCOTCH-BRITE Bottle Brush features a knife-shaped scrubbing head that helps effective clean hard-to-reach area
  • The slim cleaning brush fits into most bottles and tackles stuck-on gunk from beverages
  • Zero scratches nonwoven web allows powerful scrubbing without scratches inside the bottle
  • This cup cleaner also features an engineered stiff handle that is easy to apply force on scrubbing head
  • The handle has a hole for easy storage
  • The sponge is antibacterial
  • SCOTCH-BRITE Dual Blade Squeegee cleans without leaving streaks
  • This window cleaner has a soft-touch handle that provides a no-slip grip
  • Our glass wiper can be used with just water or your favourite cleaning spray
  • The mirror cleaning tool is safe to use on mirrors, glass shower doors, windows, tile, and more!
  • Durable Scotch-Brite tool is long-lasting and reusable
  • SCOTCH-BRITE Heavy Duty Grill and Wok Scrubber is a very tough, heavy-duty and long-lasting scrubber
  • This scrub pad with handle removes burnt-on-food, grease and rust quickly and easily
  • Our grill brush cleaner is ideal for charcoal, gas, electric grills, oven grates and works
  • Handle makes it easy to apply pressure as you scrub without straining your body