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  • Ideal for home use, steamboat, hotpot, grilling, camping, picnic, student apartments, outdoor occasion and etc
  • Stainless steel finish makes it easy to clean
  • Lightweight and stable
  • Convenient ignition switch
  • Full-featured, secure and reliable
  • Can be used for commercial purposes e.g. restaurants or catering functions
  • It also makes a great gift idea
  • MADE IN JAPAN - 100% genuine product from IWATANI JAPAN.
  • EXCELLENT WIND-RESISTANT - IWATANI Tough Maru features 2 windproof-unit to allow the air flow through instead of wind, because the air is still required for combustion, so it effectively protects the flame from the outdoor wind. Thus, this is perfect for outdoor/camping.
  • HEAVY LOADING - This outdoor stove even can be used with a dutch oven.
  • SUPER HIGH POWER POROUS BURNER - IWATANI's advanced technology produces powerful flames.
  • ADJUSTABLE FLAME SIZE - Our portable camping stove features an ergonomically designed ignition knob, very easy to pinch and turn, and also features non-step regulation of heating power from high to low, to cook ingredients at the right temperature.
  • AWESOMELY STEADY - This burner stove has 4 aluminium die-cast legs so that it can stably stand on a rough surface while cooking heavily.
  • SAFETY - This butane gas stove burner features a pressure sensing safety device, when there is abnormally high pressure, the gas cartridge will automatically be detached, extinguish fire and explode-resistant.
  • USE IWATANI BUTANE GAS FOR THE BEST RESULT - We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you use the original IWATANI cassette gas to ensure maximum safety and performance.
  • PORTABLE - The stove comes with a carrying case.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Feel free to contact BigSpoon Kitchenware Customer Service Team via chat for further assistance. We value each chance that customers communicate with us.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY BY IWATANI MALAYSIA - Use only original IWATANI Cassette Gas. Warranty is voided if another brand of butane gas is used.
  • Storage/carrying case for the IWATANI Tatsujin Slim series
  • Protects the cassette stove from impacts and can be safely stored
  • With a handle, it is convenient to carry and take out from shelves