Electric Insect Killers
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Electric Insect Killers
Electric Insect Killers
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  • ADVANCED LED LIGHT – Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp has 6 LED lights that mimicking human breath and temperature can effectively lure mosquitoes, small insects such as flies, bugs, biting in the darkness to fly into the lamp.
  • STRONG SUCTION – the noiseless mini fan with strong suction will suck them into the removable cage and the funneling design traps the insects in the large storage cage.
  • BETTER SLEEP – This Mosquito Repellent has no big noise to annoy or disturb your sleep as the built-in fan operates noiselessly and will be continued to work once it is turned on.
  • SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY – Electronic Mosquito Trap kills mosquitoes in a physical way, non-toxic, odorless, no radiation and chemical-free. Safe for human health and the environment.
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN – light-weight and ultra-quiet design by simply plugging to an EU outlet. This catcher also comes with a hanger hook on the top which makes it wide application.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – large capacity storage cage makes it easy to remove for cleaning and disposing of dead mosquito by simple twisting.