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  • Collapsible design allows for compact storage
  • Double Pole for space saving and more clothes
  • Perfect way to organize your clothing
  • Lightweight for easy transport
  • Smart and simple solution for added garment storage
  • Adjustable hanging space perfect for short or long garments and bottom shoes and boxes
  • Extendable length for more capacity
  • Easy assembly, no tools required
  • It will bring convenience to your life and make your home cleaner
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - this mop and broom holder is made of high-quality ABS material, environmental-friendly, sturdy and durable.
  • MULTIPURPOSE - store, hang, organize, hold various items including mop, broom, windows cleaner, lawn grass garden rake, etc.
  • EASY TO USE - When you place the broom in the position, the rolling balls will automatically adjust to grip the handle securely. You can take out the broom by lifting the handle up, the ball will release your broom.
  • FLEXIBLE HOOKS - The foldable hooks can be unfolded and folded up. Unfold it for storing many small stuffs, such as keys, umbrellas, towels, and brushes etc.
  • WALL-MOUNTED - Securely mounted on the wall with screws. It can be installed in the garage, backyard, store room, foyer, garden, kitchen, laundry area, office, school, hotel, restaurant, hospital or supermarket, etc.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY - A very practical and value-for-money broom holder and mop hanger. Pemegang mop penyapu yang amat berbaloi.
  • PROFESSIONAL 430 STAINLESS STEEL - BIGSPOON Noodle Maker is food-grade, high-quality, heavy-duty, durable, long-lasting, strong, sturdy, rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, Germany TUV and LFGB certified. The Blade is made of Nickel Plated.
  • HEALTHY & HYGIENE - You and your family can enjoy healthy, hygiene and fresh homemade pasta with this food-safe material pasta machine.
  • 3 TYPES OF BLADES - BIGSPOON Noodle Machine features 3 types of blades which are a roller with adjustable thickness, about 5mm thick cutter and about 2mm thin cutter, smooth and effortless.
  • ADJUSTABLE THICKNESS (7 LEVEL) -  The adjustment knob (Thinnest 1 - Thickest 7, 0.5mm - 2.5mm) makes it easy to determine your preferred thickness. Recommended level 1-2 for making dumpling and wonton wrappers, level 3-4 for pasta and noodles, level 5-7 for rolling different thickness of the dough.
  • ANTI-SLIP MAT - The bottom of BIGSPOON Pasta Maker features 4 pieces of anti-slip pad, plus a fixing clamp which makes very stable when making the noodles.
  • REMOVABLE HANDLE - The handle is made of ABS, ergonomic and comfortable. It is also removable for quick mode-switching between roller, thin cutter and thick cutter and for easy storage.
  • REMOVABLE CLAMP - It is portable and can move to any of your preferred tabletops whenever you want to make noodles.
  • MORE THAN A NOODLE MAKER - Other than making pasta and noodle, this pan mee maker also can make other fresh things like dumpling wrapper, wonton wrappers, spaghetti, and fettuccine.
  • TIPS TO PREVENT STICKING - Knead the dough until soft, and sprinkle both sides with flour so that the pasta or noodle you made would not messily stick together.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - To clean this kitchen tool, you just need to simply wipe it with a soft and dry cloth, also clean the roller and cutters with a dry soft brush. DO NOT wash it with water and dishwasher!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Feel free to contact BigSpoon Kitchenware Customer Service Team via chat for further assistance. We value each chance that customers communicate with us.
  • Water temperature will gradually reduce from boiling to warm in 12 hours
  • Handy button of on and off
  • Easy to sip and pour
  • Ideal for water, coffee, milk and tea
  • Do not use it for carbonated drinks
  • Wide bottle mouth for large pieces of ice cube
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • The spout is easy to open and close
  • Light yet solid
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Applicable for outdoor sports
  • Capacity: 2L
  • Cold preservation: Keep cold water (below 17 deg C) for around 8 hours
  • Weight: about 600g
  • Value for $$$
  • SMOOTHER: Fine Mesh weave excellent filtering quality.
  • MATERIAL: BIGSPOON Soya Milk Bag is made of natural cotton yarn, the surface of the cloth is woven with warp and weft yarns.
  • WASHABLE & REUSABLE: A quality nut milk bag is washable, reusable and will remain smell free and useful for the longest time.
  • TEAR-RESISTANT: BIGSPOON Filter Bag stitched edge won't rip or tear easily.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Chef soy milk bag, can filter soy milk, can also filter love jade or other related food, suitable for fruit juice and organic food.
  • LARGE SIZES:  The size of the cotton bag is 33x45cm, large enough for family use
  • Make sharp, clean cuts through any type of a loaf of bread with ease
  • Allows for attractive pieces of bread to be served during meals
  • Perfect for any style of table setting
  • CABLE MANAGEMENT EXPERT: Clean up all the cables and adapters cluttering. All cables, chargers, and surge/power strip can be easily placed inside the box for better concealing ability and organization.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Large cable organizer box is ideal to store and manage most types of your power strips, outlets, USB Hubs, surge protectors etc, with extra space for your cords, adapters.
  • SAFETY PROTECTION: The cable management box keeps children and pets safe from electrocutions and hide dangerous wires or reachable wires out of sight.
  • HEAT DISSIPATION: Designed with 4 non-slip foot pads and multiple ventilation holes on the bottom for heat dissipation of electrical devices.
  • PHONE HOLDER: A cover with 6 cable holes to hold and charge your phones and tablets. The cover is able to manage various cables and let your cables come out neatly.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made of sturdy and durable ABS material.
  • NOTE: The inner length is 29.5cm, please check if your extension plug can fit into this box before make the purchase.
  • LOWER PRICE: This cooking knife with outstanding craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, stunning design elements, and premium materials. Peak performance has never looked so good at this price.
  • HIGH QUALITY KNIFE: Mutton knife's blade is made out of stainless steel material. 7.0 Inches in length. Has a good degree of sharpness and excellent anti-rust ability.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: It is Multi-functional knife classified and designed to be multipurpose knife for professional applications Suitable for cutting any fish, meat, vegetables do not have to worry about damage the knife because of different materials to use different knives.
  • EASY HANDLING: Each kitchen knife features an ergonomic handle made from thermoplastic for a non-slip grip / handle even when wet. This exceptional knife is weighted and balanced for easy handling.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: This cook knife is made by stainless steel, which is a safe material and very easy to clean. Just a simple wipe can be achieved as bright as new purpose.
  • Perfect for both household and professional use
  • Comes equipped with safety device, so fingers stay safe
  • Easy, fast & fun
  • Easy to make chopped onion
  • Enjoy with 3 interchangeable blades: Fine, Medium, Coarse
  • Flexible thickness adjustment
  • Wonderful sharpness, speed and completion
  • Made in Japan
  • Look great on your dressing table
  • Can be used for a variety of makeup containers
  • 24 individual compartments
  • Suitable for professional and home use
  • Made of clear acrylic
  • Perfect for both household and professional use
  • Comes equipped with safety device, so fingers stay safe
  • Easy, fast & fun
  • Easy to make chopped onion
  • Enjoy with 3 interchangeable blades: Fine, Medium, Coarse
  • Flexible thickness adjustment
  • Wonderful sharpness, speed and completion
  • Made in Japan
  • ECO FRIENDLY - Rectangular bake loaf  mould provides excellent release of baked goods and easy clean up
  • DISHWASHER SAFE - Bread making mould is super easy to clean, its make you clean up time is short and hassle free making you want to bake again!
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE – Proper toaster pans is a professional apart from the regular home chef. Unlike the bottom of disposable pans, the smooth metal base of these baking sheets results in a feast for the eyes and palate.
  • FRIENDLY PRICE - High quality bakery pan while keeping retail prices as low as possible.
  • HEAT TEMPERATURE - Can heat your oven to 475°F/240°C and warm your carbon steel bread pan on the stove over medium heat. 
  • DURABLE – Food grade non stick coating inside and out makes the non stick baking pan scratch and rust resistant.
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to use gripping tool
  • Designed for safely lifting hot plates, bowls, pots, and pans from the microwave, oven, steamers, cookers, or stove top with one-hand
  • The gripping tool instantaneously eliminates the need for bulky oven mitts
  • Made in Taiwan
  • FLEXIBLE & CREATIVE DESIGN – DIY Shoe Rack allow you to DIY in any way that you wish and make sure it can fit into different places. It can be stacked or used separately, to make your home stunning.
  • STURDY STRUCTURES – The Shoes Storage Rack soft, light, thin, elastic and strong PP plastic panels supported by steel frames to make the cubes can hold a greater weight capacity. The steel frames keep the structure solid and stable. Each cube can support up to 5kg.
  • MULTIFUNCTION STORAGE – The Shoe Rack Organizer is great ideal for storing mainly shoes, also folded clothes, blanket, art craft, and other daily accessories. You can insert the interlayer panel for lower shoes, and remove it for taller shoes.
  • HASSLE-FREE ASSEMBLY – This Plastic Shoe Rack Cabinet has no tool needed which makes the process safer and easier. Multi-angle ABS connectors and panels are easy to attach to each other and assembly instruction is provided.
  • EASY CARE – This Shoes Shelf comes with doors to keep your shoes away from dirt and dust. The doors feature a hole handles for air circulation and prevent buildup odor. Waterproof panels can be easily cleaned by using wet tissue or wet cloth.
  • SAFE TO USE – This Stackable Shoe Box contains plastic connector and polypropylene(PP) that are eco-friendly, chemical-free and harmless to both you and your pet. Suitable to store most of your daily accessories.