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  • Experience the Joy of Boiling with WizikPot – A Kettle for Every Day and Everywhere
  • Boiling water has never been this exciting! With its beautiful stainless steel texture and the LED Strip that provides a soft glow, the WizikPot makes even the most mundane task of boiling water a fun experience.
  • The Perfect Size for Your Needs – Whether it’s for 3 cups of coffee, 2 cups of noodles or a pot of English tea, the WizikPot has just the right size to match your requirements. Its compact size makes it easy to handle and lightweight, making it a convenient choice for everyday use.
  • Comfortable Pouring – The well-designed handle and nozzle provide a comfortable pouring experience. The handle fits snugly in your hand, the nozzle pours smoothly, and the design ensures that pouring hot water is an enjoyable experience.
  • Control the Flow with Ease – With the ability to control the flow velocity without any stress, you can now enjoy boiling hot water whether it’s for a slow-drip coffee or quick cup of noodles.
  • LED Lights that Light Up Your Day – The power LED strip light is easy to see from any angle and provides a unique and gentle light with a small LED strip.
  • Make Boiling Water a Luxurious Experience – Experience the luxury of slow-brewed coffee and the joy of brewing tea in front of your loved ones. Make every moment of boiling water a wonderful and comfortable experience with WizikPot.”
  • User Friendly - Our kettle features 3-pin plug that compatible to Malaysia's socket.